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The Next Generation in Entertainment and Advertising Production

Hollywood Film & Media™ is an elite Entertainment and Advertising production company creating the highest quality Film, Television, Commercial, and Video related productions as well as Translation and Media Design services for high profile clients.

ENTERTAINMENT DIVISION - Movie, TV, and Digital Media Production

Production Team  –   The innovative production team at Hollywood Film and Media is comprised entirely of independent industry professionals who are consistently undertaking individual projects, major Hollywood films, independent films, documentaries, and top viewed digital media productions.  From script to screen, HFM can do it all with our production team based out of Los Angeles California. With a strict focus on innovation, story, character, and high production value, HFM continues to push the limits of every project. We pride ourselves in innovating and working with the latest tools and technology the industry has to offer while exploiting every element of the production process to its fullest potential.


MARKETING DIVISION - Commercial Production and Media Design


Commercial Production, Marketing, and Branding Team  – Based out of Santa Barbara California, HFM’s Advertising Division constructs unique and effective ad campaigns by utilizing methods derived from the entertainment industry. By using a system of story telling and character development, viewers will no longer just watch an ad but relate to it. Hollywood Film And Media’s unique focus on character and story creates a closer relationship between a company and their prospective markets.  Hollywood Film and Media’s Advertisement Division is capable of handling all high-end marketing needs from commercials and video related productions to custom branding, website design, SEO or Search Engine Optimization, social media branding and management, custom media design and printing, and most other forms of content creation.



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